IDEA: Host an Ethical Fashion Show with this D.I.Y. Kit


MCIC has created an Ethical Fashion Show Kit made up of fashions produced using fair practices including: no child labour, cooperative-made, sweatshop free conditions and clothing that uses organic and fair trade certified materials.

You can showcase this ethically produced clothing at a fashion show in your school or community in Manitoba!

MCIC has created a complete do-it-yourself fashion show kit with everything you need to put on an Ethical Fashion Show! The kit includes:

  •  the garments and accessories
  • a sample PowerPoint program with facts about fair trade
  • suggested scripts

This kit is a great way to raise awareness about fair trade and global issues or to raise money for a social justice project.

There is a $100 fee and $100 deposit that is required in order to rent the kit. The $100 deposit will be returned once the kit is returned in the condition in which it was sent out. For more information please contact MCIC at (204) 987-6420 or money for your school programs and social justice projects.

The initiative is generously supported by the Manitoba Community Services Council and the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA).

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