IDEA: Support Girls’ Empowerment with Crossroads’ International


Girls in Swaziland have a problem.  1 in 3 are sexually abused before they turn 18. 

Girls’ Empowerment Clubs are the idea that works.

Knowing that violence and sexual assault are crimes; knowing that HIV is contracted through sex; knowing they have a right to defend themselves and having a safe space to express their experiences with their peers and a trusted adult empowers girls to take control over their lives as children and as women.

Your club is the action that helps.

Gather your network together and launch your own club.
What kind of club? Well, that’s up to you.
A book, film or restaurant club. A social club. A volunteer club.
Use your imagination, and those of your friends and family, and decide together what to do. What you like most.

Use your club to raise funds to support a club of girls in Swaziland.  A new club costs about $10,000 to start, but every gift counts.

See excellent resources from Crossroads International including podcasts, posters and presentations, to help you learn and spread awareness.

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