IDEA: Organize a Petition in Support of “A Voice for Justice”

Many of the products tvoiceforjusticehat we use every day come from materials that are mined from the earth.  Canadian mining companies own and operate mines around the world, working in different communities throughout Africa, Asia, and Latin America.  As a result of Canadian mining companies, some of these communities are experiencing very negative impacts such as pollution, violent conflict, or even displacement. 

The Canadian Catholic Organization for Development and Peace began a campaign called A Voice for Justice.  This campaign calls on the Government of Canada to establish an independent ombudsman that can investigate complaints brought forward by communities where there are Canadian owned mines.

Gather the signatures of your friends, your family, or your classmates on a petition that you can give to your member of parliament.  We have an important role to play in ensuring human rights are not violated by Canadian mining companies.

Watch this video to learn more about the campaign, check out their online petition, or get all of the resources you need to organize a petition of your own.

Note:  The Canadian Catholic Organization for Development and Peace is a Christian organization.  However, the content of this project is not faith-based.

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