OPPORTUNITY: Teachers’ Forum on Global Food Security

What is food security? What does global hunger look like? Is food a human right?

These questions and more will be asked, discussed, and answered at Canadian Foodgrains Bank Teachers’ Forum on Global Food Security.

As a three-day forum in Winnipeg, Manitoba on November 22-24, educators will learn all about global hunger and food security. With both topics being such a large focus of reaching Sustainable Development Goal #2: No Hunger, this forum is the perfect opportunity to learn and experience more, helping educators understand the topic itself and bring it back to their classroom.


At this forum, teachers will focus on learning about:

  • Hunger around the world and here in Canada
  • Canada’s role in supporting international food assistance and development from experts in the field
  • The concept of food as a human right
  • Thoughts and insights into improving our educational resources and opportunities for teachers

Forum Date: November 22-24, 2017
Application Deadline: September 10, 2017
Registration Cost: $250 (Canadian Foodgrains Bank will subsidize all other costs of travel to Winnipeg, meals, accommodations, and transportation related to the event.)

Who can apply:
All elementary, middle years, or secondary school teachers from faith-based, secular, public or private schools in Canada are welcome to apply. Teachers with previous connections to the Foodgrains Bank or who have a personal interest or curricular connections to related topics are particularly encouraged to apply.
*Please find a full list of related topics on their event information page.

For more information about this opportunity, please visit their website at:

Additional questions can be addressed to Roberta Gramlich at

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