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What is global citizenship?

When I ask this questions in classrooms, I often get responses in the form of blank stares.
“Did she say global citizen?” “How can you be a citizen of the globe?”

After allowing some (awkward) silence, we break down the label into two parts.
Me: “What does global mean?”
Students: “Worldwide or around the globe.”
Me: “Great! What does citizenship or to be a citizen mean?”
Students: “…to belong somewhere?”
Me: “Exactly!!!

Global citizenship is based on the “fundamental acceptance of the inherent, equal, universal and inalienable rights of all human beings.” (source).
Essentially, this means that we all belong to the world. It also means that my actions and your actions are just as important as anyone else’s.
With this global status, we have the duty to protect our planet through environmental, economic, social and cultural sustainability.

Global citizenship emphasizes the importance of taking action, not only for our future but for the entire world and their future. Since we all depend on each other for food, clothing, jobs, and so on, why not think as a global citizen and do our part today in order to protect tomorrow?

For Students

Every year, the Manitoba Council for International Cooperation honours  Manitoba students with the “Outstanding Take Action Project Award“. This award is open to all students enrolled in Global Issues: Citizenship and Sustainability (40S) who have undertaken exceptional Take Action Projects!

The award includes a cash prize, certificate and public recognition at MCIC’s Annual General Meeting and your school’s award celebration night.

Project and entry criteria include:

  • Summary of project
  • Concept (eg: What was the main objective of your project? How did you carry it out?)

  • Scope and range of project (eg: Who did/will the project reach? How many people were/will be involved or influenced?)
  • Content (eg: How does the topic relate to the Areas of Inquiry? How did/will the project educate, inform, or raise awareness of an issue?)
  • Personal benefit (eg: What did you learn from doing this project/about the issue/about your community?)

View the full criteria here.
Apply here.

Applications are open until May 18, 2018.

For Educators

MCIC also recognizes Manitoba teachers and administrators with the “Global Citizenship Award for Educators”. This award is for educators who have been leaders in promoting global citizenship.

Awards will be given to one recipient in each of the following categories:

  • middle years teachers
  • high school teachers
  • administrators (including Principals, Vice Principals, Superintendents, Trustees and other divisional or Manitoba Education staff).

A donation will be made on behalf of recipients to an international development organization of their choice and they will be recognized at the Annual General Meeting of the Manitoba Council for International Cooperation.

View the full criteria here.
Nominate an educator here.

Applications are open until May 18, 2018.

*If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Grace Van Mil by email (pe@mcic.ca) or phone (204-987-6420)

Written by: Keana Rellinger


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