OPPORTUNITY: Teacher’s Forum on Food Security (CFGB)

CFGB Teachers Forum


Are you starting to plan for this school year? If you are, consider the Canadian Foodgrain Bank’s 2018 Teacher’s Forum on Food Security.

For 3 days in November 2018, 8-12 Canadian teachers will gather in Winnipeg, MB with the Canadian Foodgrains Bank to learn about global hunger and food security. The forum will focus specifically on:

  • learning about Canada’s role in supporting international food assistance and development from experts in the field;
  • the concept of food as a human right;
  • issues related to both international and domestic hunger

Throughout the forum, CFGB staff will present resources and tools for the classroom, contribute to CFGB’s services and resources for teachers, connect with curriculum and communicate with teachers across Canada. Participants will learn through presentations, interactive workshops, and local field visits.

“I really enjoyed this forum. It has brought my understanding of food insecurity to a new level where I now feel competent to go deeper into these issues with my students. The connection between local and global hunger was one of my favourite parts, where I learned the most. I leave feeling filled with knowledge and equipped to tackle these issues in my school. Well-run and organized!” – 2017 teacher participant


If you are an upper elementary, middle years, or secondary school teacher from a faith-based or secular, public or private school in Canada, you are eligible to apply for this forum! Teachers who have a personal interest, curricular connection, or CFGB connection are encouraged to apply, however, every applicant will be considered!

*Sessions will be planned with the participant’s subject areas and grades.
*Sessions will be November 14-16, 2018 in Winnipeg, MB, Canada.
*For a list of participation fees, please see their cost listing on their webpage.

DEADLINE TO APPLY: September 10, 2018

Applications are available online and for more information, please contact:
Roberta Gramlich, Youth Engagement Coordinator

For more information and application forms, please visit the CFGB webpage.

Written by: Keana Rellinger

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