EVENT: Back-to-School Clothing Swap (& Fast Fashion)

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Whether you’re returning back to school, starting off somewhere new, or just continuing in your routine, we have an event and an idea for you!

Clothing swaps are events where you do exactly that, swap clothing. They are a great way to refresh your wardrobe while also reducing textile waste. Join the Manitoba Environmental Youth Network and Climate Change Connection on Saturday, September 15th, 2018 for their Back-to-School Clothing Swap Party in downtown Winnipeg. 


Every year we see the emergence of new fashion trends, new items, and new ideas – we are a society with an addiction for the ‘new’. Yet within this drive for everything new, we often lose sight of the consequences of our actions.

Known as ‘fast fashion’, the constant turnover of products in the clothing industry has created some overwhelming pollution problems. Attempting to deliver fast and cheap products that follow fashion trends on the runway or with celebrities, many brands and companies cut corners that risk the health and well-being of people and the environment. In order to achieve bright colours and patterns, toxic chemicals are used that often end up in our water systems, affecting people’s health, harming species and the environment.

This supply and demand between producer and consumer has only been amplified with the popularization of synthetic fabrics. Their increased supply of cheap fabrics has only encouraged the demand for constantly new items, helping normalizing textile waste and it’s never ending cycle.


Lately, more and more companies have been moving toward more sustainable and environmentally friendly clothing. This is due to environmental reports as well as consumer pressure. This is a good step forward. But, the power to change ‘fast fashion’ and it’s environmental impacts lies in the hands of the consumers (you, me and everyone else).

Reduce, reuse, recycle does not just apply to cans, jars and plastic food containers. A great way to combat the environmental impacts of the fashion industry is to reduce, reuse, or recycle your clothing items. One way to do this is to host or attend a clothing swap.Creating a selection of ‘new’ items, participants can find treasures in another one’s trash. Different from thrift shopping, a clothing swap encourages participants to donate items and update their own wardrobe with the added bonus of spending zero dollars. For every item they bring in, they recieve on ticket to ‘spend’ on another. What’s leftover can be donated to a local charity – it’s a win-win-win.


Join the Manitoba Environmental Youth Network and Climate Change Connection on Saturday, September 15th, 2018 for their Back-to-School Clothing Swap Party in downtown Winnipeg. Register for the event by emailing youth@mbeconetwork.org

Who: Youth under 30
What: Clothing Swap with Manitoba Environmental Youth Network and Climate Change Connection
Where: Tiny Gallery, 45-221 McDermot Ave., Winnipeg, MB
When: Saturday, September 15, 2018 – 12 PM – 3 PM
Cost: Free to attend; for each item you bring, you will receive one ticket. Ticket will be your swap currency, valid for one item.

Facebook event | MB Environmental Youth Network Instagram | Climate Change Connection Twitter



Host a clothing swap this fall by following the simple tips below!

  • Invite friends, family, classmates, neighbours and coworkers to your clothing swap
  • Suggest a guideline for items to bring (5 to 10 items is pretty standard)
  • Request gently used and clean items
  • Don’t accept bathing suits, undergarments, products or jewelry
  • Have a full sized mirror and possibly changing areas available
  • Encourage all sizes of clothing
  • Try to organize and arrange clothing neatly for some added professionalism and style
  • Create tickets or tokens to act as clothing swap currency
  • Donate leftover items to a local charity or shelter


Written by: Keana Rellinger

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