TOOL: Teaching the Sustainable Development Goals

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TOOL: Free Educator Webinar – Teaching the Sustainable Development Goals

Interested in learning more about the Sustainable Development Goals? Looking to integrate these goals into your classroom or school? Check out content from the Manitoba Council for International Cooperation’s FREE webinar for educators on teaching the Sustainable Development Goals.

the-global-goals-grid-colorBy incorporating the Sustainable Development Goals into the classroom, schools can explore the concepts of sustainability, global citizenship and see how taking action really can create change in our world.

This webinar was hosted on November 15, 2018 at 4 PM (CST). Content that was discussed is included below!


The webinar presented information about the Sustainable Development Goals, MCIC youth and educator orientated programs, a walkthrough of Sustainable Foundations: A Guide for Teaching the Sustainable Development Goals, ready-to-use lesson plans, and sustainable action ideas from around the world and in Manitoba.


To learn more about the Sustainable Development Goals (Global Goals), visit the SDG Knowledge Platform hosted by the UN or the Global Goals website.


To learn more about MCIC’s programming, visit or for information about youth and educator-oriented programming.

If you’re interested in hosting a Generating Momentum student conference at your school this year, please contact Keana Rellinger at This year’s GM theme is Sustainable Solutions: Sustainable Communities and is based on SDG 11.


To explore Sustainable Foundations: A Guide for Teaching the Sustainable Development Goals, visit The guide is free as a downloadable digital resource OR you can order a physical copy online.

For a comprehensive look at how and why the guide was designed and some key features, check out TakeActionManitoba’s blog post here!


Lesson plans featured can all be found in Sustainable Foundations as clickable links to websites or PDFs.

World’s Largest Lesson – Free and creative resources for educators to teach lessons, run projects and stimulate action in support of the Global Goals.

AMANZI – An activity from Development and Peace that explores water access issues, allowing students to take on the role of families who experience barriers in accessing clean water. Found on page 6.9 of Sustainable Foundations.

You Are What You Wear – From Climate Change Connection, students fill out this worksheet to discover their impact on the environment through their wardrobe. Found on page 12.9 of Sustainable Foundations.


Creating sustainable action can be quite a challenge. Where do you begin? What issue do you tackle? How can you make a difference?

To help answer some of these questions and inspire you to think outside of the box, we looked at some of our favourite examples of sustainable action campaigns or organizations. All of these can be found in Sustainable Foundations!


In January 2017, students from Ecole Arthur Meighen School attending MCIC’s Generating Momentum conference. The theme was gender equality and after a full day of learning and activities, they went back to their school excited and ready to share. In May of 2017, those students helped organize a Social Justice Week that addressed different Sustainable Development Goals. MCIC was invited back to host gender equality workshops, addressing important global issues with 338. It was all made possible through the students own passion and determination.

In 2016, Shayne Merritt hosted the first ever Curl for the Cure bonspiel in Selkirk, Manitoba. He raised $8,626.80 for the Canadian Cancer Society and as of 2018, the tournament has raised a total of $37,000. In February, 2019, Selkirk will have it’s 4th annual Curl for the Cure! Read more about his take action project here or visit their Twitter page.


HeForShe (pg. 5.10)

Wyke Farms (pg. 7.10)

FoodCloud (pg. 12.10)

The Story of Stuff (pg. 12.9)




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