OPPORTUNITY: Pitch Your Story for a free 360° Media Production Kit for Your School


There’s no doubt about it! 360° media and virtual reality is changing how we can learn about and experience the world. Through simulations, virtual field trips, and 360° experiences, we can now step into someone else’s shoes and travel around the world.

Explore MY World 360° and take action toward the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by applying for your very own virtual reality kit.

MY World 360°

MY World 360° is a campaign from Digital Promise Global, the United Nations SDG Action Campaign, and Oculus. It brings together 360° media as a way to share global youth perspectives and works towards achieving the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The program aims to drive youth engagement and agency, improve youth understanding about global issues impacting communities around the world, build young people’s technical production skills with new media, and spur public awareness and action.

MY World 360° includes a Program Guide and FAQ to help participants learn about the SDGs, and to develop the skills needed to capture, edit, and share 360° media to represent their perspectives and their communities in an immersive and compelling way.    

Read more about the Program Guide here and discover how 360° media is making an impact around the world. 360° content allows users to be transported around the world, allowing for a deeper understanding of issues and an immersive and impactful experience.  


MY World 360° is encouraging schools and youth organizations around the world to create 360° media. To do so, they are distributing a limited number of 360° media production kits to help youth share their story.

Applications are in the form of a story pitch! If you are an educator working with youth (ages 5-24) and you lack access to 360° media production equipment, you are invited to pitch why your students’ story ideas should be shared with the world.

Although not all applicants will recieve equipment, all those who submit a pitch will recieve free online resources to help continue their school and community’s curiousity for 360° media.

Find more information about the media kits here!



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