EVENT: Culture Days 2019

Join in on the fun and learn something new this September. Get involved with free public events, educational opportunities and Nuit Blanche during Culture Days!


Culture Days is a national celebration of arts and culture that invites the public to get hands-on and behind-the-scenes with arts and culture every year at the end of September (Sept. 27-29, 2019). Programs and opportunities highlight the importance heritage, art and culture in our communities.

The organization aims to connect individuals and creators, eliminating barriers to access and participation, and stimulate understanding, appreciation and exploration of arts and culture.


Art, heritage and culture can be seen everywhere in Manitoba. Whether its murals decorating the streets of Winnipeg, a film festival on the beach in Gimli, or attending one of many Pow Wows, celebrating where we have come from and who we are is at the heart of Manitobans.

No matter your age or skill-level, the Culture Days weekend is a chance to try something new, revisit existing creative passions and build appreciation for arts and culture that will hopefully continue year-round.

Festivities include visual art, heritage, Indigenous arts and traditional practices, cross-cultural activities, education tours, community street festivals, collective art-making projects, interactive installations, storytelling, avant-garde performance art and more!

Nuit Blanche (a sleepless night) is a free exploration and celebration of contemporary art. As a part of Culture Days, Nuit Blanche takes place on the Saturday evening.

The Wall-to-Wall Mural Festival coincides with Culture Days and Nuit Blanche, bringing together diverse communities around art, music, dance and more.

Read The Power of Murals to see how public art has impacted spaces, culture, politics and art over time. For more informaton on the 2019 festival, visit walltowallwpg.com or Wall-to-Wall, last year’s blog post.


STUDENT DAY AT THE FORKS (Friday, Sept. 27, 2019, 10AM-2PM)
Student Day at The Forks is a feature project of Culture Days Manitoba that provides students, children and schools an opportunity to share, create and participate in arts, craft, film, theatre, sport, historical and cultural activities for free. Held at The Forks and inside the Forks Market, organizations host and feature performances and workshops for all to attend.

STORYTELLING DAY AT THE FORKS (Friday, Sept. 27, 2019, 1PM-2PM)
Storytelling Day at the Forks is a collective collaboration that welcomes multiple schools and features artists/instructions that love to engage groups of youth.

The event engages participation from multiple age groups with past years featuring mass visual art pieces, collective drumming workshops, and a mini storytelling festival. This year’s focus is Creativity, the Arts, and Well-being!

Culture Days offers free tip sheets, tools and other resources to support event and community organizers in the successful planning, promotion and evaluation of their Culture Day events. Included in these resources is “Indigenous Cultural Programming”, guidelines for the development of lasting and respectful relationships with Indigenous communities and the production of meaningful cultural programming.

Get ready for the festivities by getting students and staff involved in your event ideas. Pull inspiration from Culture Days’ “100 Event Ideas” and put your own spin on it. Bring together people in your community by hosting a Human Library, organizing a postcard project, choreographing a flash mob, celebrating harvest, or facilitating tasting tours at local restaurants!


Culture Days takes place on the last Friday in September and the following weekend all across Canada. Festivities generate enthusiasm, interest, participation, and support from a growing network of artists, organizations, municipalities, media, and both the private and public sector.

The collaborative nature of the festival allows the organizations to maintain a unique Canada-wide scope whole simultaneously supporting individual communities and on-the-ground organizers.


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*Written by Keana Rellinger

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