TOOL: CGDEV’s Resources for Educators

cgdlogoThe Center for Global Development in the U.S. has a collection of resources available for educators. On their website you can find syllabuses and prepared Powerpoint style slides. The topics vary but include aid effectiveness, climate change, global health, and more. As some of the content comes from colleges and universities, this is a great resource if you are looking to explore advanced issues in development. Continue reading

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IDEA: Online Curriculum Fosters Global Citizenship & Action for WASH

Starting this fall, the CAWST Wavemakers program will be offering an online course, free for students across Canada! The Virtual Wavemakers Summit is an exciting opportunity for educators and youth to explore local and global water and sanitation issues. The Summit provides educators with an easy-to-follow, action-based curriculum that is designed to develop critical thinking, innovation, effective communication skills and global awareness.

Participating teams will be challenged to respond to real-world water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) issues by designing and implementing a solutions-based action project. This hands-on, service learning opportunity provides an authentic experience that reaches beyond the classroom. The Summit provides flexibility for groups to stagger their learning over several weeks while giving them the opportunity to connect online with CAWST staff, local water organizations, and other Wavemakers teams across the country.

Action project proposals are due November 15th for those who want to apply for an action grant.

Visit the website to learn more about the Wavemakers Summit, or email For more resources, see CAWST’s full collection here:

The Wavemakers Summit is an annual event.

Teach with FREE Movies and Curricula from Shine Global Films


Shine Global makes films to give children a voice. This non-profit company showcases the stories of some of the world’s most at-risk children in a way that inspires hope and action amid despair. Shine Global’s mission is to “to end the exploitation and abuse of children worldwide through films that raise awareness, promote action, and inspire change.” Continue reading

How to Teach Students About Natural Disasters: MCIC Made a Guide!

MCICCurrent events provide a great opportunity for teaching and learning about the grade 12 Global Issues Areas of Inquiry. These events provide teachers the ability to discuss and reflect on issues as they unfold, and students the ability to connect classroom learning with real-life events, while acquiring a greater understanding of the tremendous implications of such events and the human responses to them. Continue reading

Teacher Support through Oxfam Education

OxfamEducators will be happy to discover the number of resources available online from Oxfam, an organization which works around the world to tackle the root causes of poverty. Continue reading