SPEAKER: Canadian Foodgrains Bank – food security and agriculture

Youth Engagement Coordinator, Roberta Gramlich, is happy to come speak to your class about the Canadian Foodgrains Bank and related issues. Feel free to contact her: Continue reading

EWB Educator Toolkit


Engineers Without Boarders Canada has some great ideas for teaching Global Issues!

Check out their Educator Toolkit: Operation Global Citizen. This toolkit includes:

  • Action Oriented Tools
  • Collaborative Tools for Educators
  • Educational Tools Provided by Canadian NGOs
  • Lesson Plans Provided by NGOs and UN Agencies
  • Search Engines and Databases of Educational Resources
  • Ressources françaises

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IDEA: Days for Girls International

daysforgirlsEvery girl in the world deserves education, safety, and dignity

That’s the motto behind the Days for Girls campaign! By providing access to quality, sustainable feminine hygiene and awareness, this organization gives back Days for Girls who would otherwise miss school or work just because of a biological process. Continue reading

IDEA: Create a “Harvest of Letters” in support of Food Security

ImageThe Canadian Foodgrains Bank (CFGB) works to improve food security and respond to crises around the world.

One of the ways Canadian Foodgrains Bank works to end global hunger is by influencing public policies. Continue reading