Teacher Support through Oxfam Education

OxfamEducators will be happy to discover the number of resources available online from Oxfam, an organization which works around the world to tackle the root causes of poverty. Continue reading

Exploring the Lives of Subsistence Farmers in the Developing World

Canadian Foodgrains Bank has put out an educational resource called “Challenging Conditions: Exploring the Lives of Subsistence Farmers in the Developing World“.

challenging conditionsThis resource uses fictional character profiles to explore the effects of issues such as hunger, health, conflict, gender dynamics, environment and climate change on subsistence farmers. This activity includes scenario questions, a vocabulary sheet, a student worksheet and suggested homework assignments. Continue reading

Teach Oppression Through Jenga

What are the different forms of oppression? What does it feel like to be oppressed? Are we always aware of oppression when it is happening?

The article “Teaching About Oppression Through Jenga” by Sara Lichtenwalter and Parris Baker describes a game-based learning example of teaching oppression. This can be played with an average class size and involves briefing, playing the game and then debriefing and reflecting. Continue reading

MB Environmental Youth Network: Resources for Environmental Education

The Manitoba Environmental Youth Network is a great source of information on teaching and promoting environmental issues.meynlogo

They have an excellent section on Resources which describes how to go about fundraising and applying for grants, and gives great ideas for Take Action projects Continue reading

Free the Children: “We” Campaigns and Resources

In case you aren’t already familiar with Me to We, We Day, The Kielburgers and Free the Children, they also have a number of great resources for students and youth involved in Global Issues.

Look under the Get Involved tab to find tool kits, lesson plans, campaign information, and more. Free_The_Children_LogoThe “We” phenomenon isn’t just for young students, either. There is a High School Lesson Package too!

This website also has a collection of projects that real people have done to support Free the Children. Use this as inspiration to Take Action through campaigns, fundraising and involving your community.

EWB Educator Toolkit


Engineers Without Boarders Canada has some great ideas for teaching Global Issues!

Check out their Educator Toolkit: Operation Global Citizen. This toolkit includes:

  • Action Oriented Tools
  • Collaborative Tools for Educators
  • Educational Tools Provided by Canadian NGOs
  • Lesson Plans Provided by NGOs and UN Agencies
  • Search Engines and Databases of Educational Resources
  • Ressources françaises

Continue reading