This blog is geared to students and teachers of the Grade 12 Global Issues: Citizenship and Sustainability course – but anyone interested in taking action for a more just and sustainable world might find inspiration here.

Our goal is to serve as a source of inspiration for students thinking about their Take Action Projects and to connect youth with organizations and groups who are already working on issues of global citizenship and sustainability.  We hope that these projects can build on some of the great work already happening in Manitoba.

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This blog is a work in progress – its content and structure will change over time.

If you are an organization that has an idea for a project that Grade 12 students could complete OR a student who has already completed a project, and would like to share it, you can submit your project to the blog.  We will follow up via e-mail to get any additional information that we need.

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SPEAKER: Mediation Services, for students or PD Days

Mediation Services is a nonprofit organization that specializes in interpersonal conflict resolution.

They have three focuses:


1) Restorative Action Centre: a court diversion program with a restorative justice approach to crime.

2) Community Resolution Centre: a community resource for dispute resolution offering mediation and conflict coaching neighbours, families, and workplaces.

3) Resolution Skills Centre: training in conflict resolution for personal and professional situations.


They offer presentations on their services, and can include a short skills lesson on conflict resolution at no cost.

To hear more or to arrange for a presentation please contact Jasmine Schulz at (204)925-3434 or jschulz@mediationserviceswpg.ca

TOOL: CGDEV’s Resources for Educators

cgdlogoThe Center for Global Development in the U.S. has a collection of resources available for educators. On their website you can find syllabuses and prepared Powerpoint style slides. The topics vary but include aid effectiveness, climate change, global health, and more. As some of the content comes from colleges and universities, this is a great resource if you are looking to explore advanced issues in development. Continue reading

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IDEA: Become a Fair Trade School

Stonewall Collegiate became the first Fair Trade School in Manitoba in June 2015. They earned this impressive designation through the efforts made by the students taking a Business course.

Watch this video to learn why it was important to these students to promote ethical business practices in their school. Keep reading to find out how you can make your school a Fair Trade School too!

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IDEA: Look Out for Lake Winnipeg with LWF


DID YOU KNOW that Lake Winnipeg is the 10th largest freshwater lake in the world, the 3rd largest hydroelectric reservoir in the world and the 2nd largest watershed in Canada?

Many Manitobans have friends or family with cottages in the Lake Winnipeg watershed. Unfortunately, excess amounts of nutrients such as phosphorus are contributing to the increasing size and frequency of harmful algae blooms, which are contaminating our beaches, reducing water quality, and threatening Manitoba’s important fishing and tourism industries. Continue reading

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IDEA: Protect Animals from Suffering with the Winnipeg Humane Society

Want to support a local organization? The Winnipeg Humane Society is the oldest animalhumane society shelter in Manitoba, committed to protecting animals from suffering, and to promoting their welfare and dignity. Nearly 8,000 animals arrive at the shelter each year, never mind the thousands they help on the street!

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