EVENT: May 2017 is Fairtrade Month


FM2017May 1-31, 2017 is Fairtrade Month. A month where leaders, businesses, schools and many others come together to celebrate everything Fairtrade!

Fairtrade products vastly improve the working and living conditions of families in the Global South. Based on the principles that farmers and workers deserve better prices, decent working conditions and fair terms of trade, Fairtrade works on supporting the farmer and worker communities. This promotes and encourages more control over their own futures and protection of the environment.

Fairtrade is 50% owned by producers – giving them an equal voice in decision making for overall strategy, use of resources and setting prices, premiums and standards. When you purchase a product with the FAIRTRADE Mark, you have chosen to support a product who’s Fairtrade ingredients meet Fairtrade social, economic and environmental standards.

In a society that depends heavily on global markets, supply and demand, and consumerism you can ensure your dollar is speaking for you. Look for the FAIRTRADE mark on your products, explore what Fairtrade means, and spread the word about ethical consumption.

During Fairtrade month, join others in celebrating everything Fairtrade!
Raise awareness, understand global trade issues, and promote Fairtrade products!

Visit Fairtrade Canada or check out their social media pages on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, or Linkedin for more!

Happy Fair Trade Month!

Producer Cándido Vera Flor.

EXAMPLE: CURL for the CURE in Selkirk


Shayne and his supporters handing over $8.626.80 to the Canadian Cancer Society!

Shayne used his love for sport to tap into the curling community to raise awareness and funds for cancer research. Read on to see how he explains the success of the event in his own words:

I created a fundraiser curling bonspiel to help raise money for the Canadian Cancer Society (CCS). With this project I helped raise $8,626.80 for the CCS. I had great community support. I had 20 teams come out for the event at the Selkirk Curling Club on February 6th, 2016. I had support from various media sources like the Selkirk Record, CBC Radio, 103.1 Virgin Radio and Global News. I had a 33 prize silent auction and 50/50. An anonymous man made a donation of $1,250 during the event. This event was so successful it will be happening again next year! A Twitter page has been created for this event so give it a follow for future updates!

If you would like to contact Shayne about his Take Action Project, email pe@mcic.ca with your name, email address and reason for wanting to contact Shayne.

Teacher Support through Oxfam Education

OxfamEducators will be happy to discover the number of resources available online from Oxfam, an organization which works around the world to tackle the root causes of poverty. Continue reading

Free the Children: “We” Campaigns and Resources

In case you aren’t already familiar with Me to We, We Day, The Kielburgers and Free the Children, they also have a number of great resources for students and youth involved in Global Issues.

Look under the Get Involved tab to find tool kits, lesson plans, campaign information, and more. Free_The_Children_LogoThe “We” phenomenon isn’t just for young students, either. There is a High School Lesson Package too!

This website also has a collection of projects that real people have done to support Free the Children. Use this as inspiration to Take Action through campaigns, fundraising and involving your community.