IDEA: Get Politically Aware this Election Season

October 19th is a very important day in Canadian politics: it is election day!

Although many students won’t be able to vote in this election, the youth voice can have an incredible influence through social media, demonstrations, letter writing and through calls to action. What issues are important to young people and how can the leader of our country work to address those issues? Tweet these calls to action and your questions to the candidates running for federal election in your riding. Even tweet the party leaders running for Prime Minister: Steven Harper (@pmHarper), Thomas Mulcair (@ThomasMulcair), Justin Trudeau (@JustinTrudeau), Elizabeth May (@ElizabethMay) and Gilles Duceppe (@GillesDuceppe). Continue reading

Enter this Poster Competition and Be Seen by World Leaders

The Challenge
To create a poster reflecting the challenge of fixing government to include more voices in public decisions and help address growing income inequality. Using the
powerful poster format, you are
invited to express your unique views and ideas on how we can change the rules so that everyone can have access to better public services (such as schools and healthcare) and a better life (through less unemployment, better jobs and job satisfaction, less discrimination and more opportunities for all). For more details visit 

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IDEA: Organize a Petition in Support of “Sow Much Love”


Seeds are the heritage of family farmers and peasants, who preserve them to feed their families, their communities, and the world. However, seeds are increasingly being controlled and privatized by multinational companies. Without access to seeds, the way of life of small family farmers and peasants, most of whom live in the Global South, is threatened. Continue reading

IDEA: Organize a Petition in Support of “A Voice for Justice”

Many of the products tvoiceforjusticehat we use every day come from materials that are mined from the earth.  Canadian mining companies own and operate mines around the world, working in different communities throughout Africa, Asia, and Latin America.  As a result of Canadian mining companies, some of these communities are experiencing very negative impacts such as pollution, violent conflict, or even displacement.  Continue reading

IDEA: Create a “Harvest of Letters” in support of Food Security

ImageThe Canadian Foodgrains Bank (CFGB) works to improve food security and respond to crises around the world.

One of the ways Canadian Foodgrains Bank works to end global hunger is by influencing public policies. Continue reading