EXAMPLE: CURL for the CURE in Selkirk


Shayne and his supporters handing over $8.626.80 to the Canadian Cancer Society!

Shayne used his love for sport to tap into the curling community to raise awareness and funds for cancer research. Read on to see how he explains the success of the event in his own words:

I created a fundraiser curling bonspiel to help raise money for the Canadian Cancer Society (CCS). With this project I helped raise $8,626.80 for the CCS. I had great community support. I had 20 teams come out for the event at the Selkirk Curling Club on February 6th, 2016. I had support from various media sources like the Selkirk Record, CBC Radio, 103.1 Virgin Radio and Global News. I had a 33 prize silent auction and 50/50. An anonymous man made a donation of $1,250 during the event. This event was so successful it will be happening again next year! A Twitter page has been created for this event so give it a follow for future updates!

If you would like to contact Shayne about his Take Action Project, email pe@mcic.ca with your name, email address and reason for wanting to contact Shayne.

IDEA: Online Curriculum Fosters Global Citizenship & Action for WASH

Starting this fall, the CAWST Wavemakers program will be offering an online course, free for students across Canada! The Virtual Wavemakers Summit is an exciting opportunity for educators and youth to explore local and global water and sanitation issues. The Summit provides educators with an easy-to-follow, action-based curriculum that is designed to develop critical thinking, innovation, effective communication skills and global awareness.

Participating teams will be challenged to respond to real-world water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) issues by designing and implementing a solutions-based action project. This hands-on, service learning opportunity provides an authentic experience that reaches beyond the classroom. The Summit provides flexibility for groups to stagger their learning over several weeks while giving them the opportunity to connect online with CAWST staff, local water organizations, and other Wavemakers teams across the country.

Action project proposals are due November 15th for those who want to apply for an action grant.

Visit the website to learn more about the Wavemakers Summit, or email wavemakers@cawst.org. For more resources, see CAWST’s full collection here: http://resources.cawst.org/

The Wavemakers Summit is an annual event.

Exploring the Lives of Subsistence Farmers in the Developing World

Canadian Foodgrains Bank has put out an educational resource called “Challenging Conditions: Exploring the Lives of Subsistence Farmers in the Developing World“.

challenging conditionsThis resource uses fictional character profiles to explore the effects of issues such as hunger, health, conflict, gender dynamics, environment and climate change on subsistence farmers. This activity includes scenario questions, a vocabulary sheet, a student worksheet and suggested homework assignments. Continue reading

EXAMPLE: “The Positive Project”

Students at Miles Macdonell Collegiate raised money for the Mental Health Education Resource Center , a local organization which promotes mental health and educates about mental illness in an effort to encourage Manitobans to seek treatment early and to reduce the prejudice Continue reading

IDEA: Days for Girls International

daysforgirlsEvery girl in the world deserves education, safety, and dignity

That’s the motto behind the Days for Girls campaign! By providing access to quality, sustainable feminine hygiene and awareness, this organization gives back Days for Girls who would otherwise miss school or work just because of a biological process. Continue reading

TOOL: Peg Website – Data on Winnipeg’s well-being

peg2Want a map that shows educational attainment broken down by neighbourhood?

Need to know how much community garden space per capita is available in your area?

Curious where there are houses in major need of repair? Continue reading

EXAMPLE: “Open Eyes, Open Hearts” – Building Empathy in our School

ImageProject by Breanna Sparling-Bedard,  Lord Selkirk Regional Secondary School

“For my Take Action project, I created eye-catching boxes that encouraged people to anonymously write submissions describing hardships, tragedies, secrets or stories about themselves that they wouldn’t  normally feel comfortable or safe telling others. Continue reading