Teach with FREE Movies and Curricula from Shine Global Films


Shine Global makes films to give children a voice. This non-profit company showcases the stories of some of the world’s most at-risk children in a way that inspires hope and action amid despair. Shine Global’s mission is to “to end the exploitation and abuse of children worldwide through films that raise awareness, promote action, and inspire change.” Continue reading

EXAMPLE: Taking Action on Dog Overpopulation and Homelessness at Lord Selkirk High School

Lord Selkirk 2Students at Lord Selkirk Comprehensive High School took action on dog overpopulation and homelessness in Winnipeg by spreading awareness through social media, hosting a dog supplies donation drive and volunteering at a local animal shelter. Continue reading

SPEAKER: Siloam Mission – Visit them or they can visit you!

Siloam Mission is a Winnipeg organization that alleviates hardships and siloamprovidesĀ opportunities for change for those affected by homelessness.

Book a speaker for your class by contacting Continue reading

EXAMPLE: Making People Smile through Positive Messages and Cookies at Siloam

Students from Miles Macdonell Collegiate took action by brightening the day of visitors to Siloam Mission, a local organization which supports people affected by homelessness.MilesMacmessages Continue reading