EXAMPLE: “The Positive Project”

Students at Miles Macdonell Collegiate raised money for the Mental Health Education Resource Center , a local organization which promotes mental health and educates about mental illness in an effort to encourage Manitobans to seek treatment early and to reduce the prejudice Continue reading

TOOL: Peg Website – Data on Winnipeg’s well-being

peg2Want a map that shows educational attainment broken down by neighbourhood?

Need to know how much community garden space per capita is available in your area?

Curious where there are houses in major need of repair? Continue reading

EXAMPLE: “Open Eyes, Open Hearts” – Building Empathy in our School

ImageProject by Breanna Sparling-Bedard,  Lord Selkirk Regional Secondary School

“For my Take Action project, I created eye-catching boxes that encouraged people to anonymously write submissions describing hardships, tragedies, secrets or stories about themselves that they wouldn’t  normally feel comfortable or safe telling others. Continue reading