EXAMPLE: “Help-Portrait”


Project by Austin Grabish, Lord Selkirk Regional Comprehensive Secondary School

“My friends Charly Scott and Brylin Hacking and I started the “Help-Portrait” project in Selkirk, Manitoba for my Take Action Project.  Help-Portrait is a global movement of photographers coming together around the world to use their skills to give back to their local community.  In December, photographers around the world grab their cameras, and offer their services to people who couldn’t normally afford a family portrait.

Our Help-Portrait event in Selkirk was advertised in the newspaper as well as in Nova House, Our Daily Bread Soup Kitchen and Selkirk Food Bank.   We partnered with make-up artists and hair dressers so people could have the opportunity to look their best in their photos. We also partnered with Boston Pizza who provided food for the event. We had two studios, one for regular family portraits and the other with Santa Claus.  When the prints were ready, we delivered them.  Everything was free of charge.


The whole idea is about giving photos, not taking them. The photos aren’t for photographers portfolios, websites, or anything else. It’s not a competition to see who can take the best photos. No money is involved. It’s simply a nice gesture to do for someone around the holiday season.

For many Help-Portrait events, the event turns into much more that just setting up studios and taking photos. It’s about hearing the stories and connecting with people.  The most important element is treating everyone with respect.”

See a story on our project on the Interlake Today website.


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