IDEA: Protect Animals from Suffering with the Winnipeg Humane Society

Want to support a local organization? The Winnipeg Humane Society is the oldest animalhumane society shelter in Manitoba, committed to protecting animals from suffering, and to promoting their welfare and dignity. Nearly 8,000 animals arrive at the shelter each year, never mind the thousands they help on the street!

They work to combat a number of animal issues including animal cruelty, cat overpopulation, farm animal welfare, wildlife issues, humane food, and ban on cosmetic products, and they share ways that you can help and Take Action on each one!

Check out the links provided for ideas, or host a fundraiser to support Humane Society animal rescue.  You can, for example, host a lemonade stand, garage sale, concert or dance-off!

Another great way to support them is through gathering pet supplies needed at the shelters. Check out their “Wish List” to view their needs.

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