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Technology is a powerful and unique tool and as Canada and the world’s tech industry grows, people with coding skills are in high demand. To keep up with this, Canadian provinces are incorporating coding and computer science into their curriculum.

Bringing computer science and coding into the classroom can be complicated.. especially when it includes first understanding the language yourself. However, recognizing the importance of these skills is the first step in helping students in an ever-changing world. Hoping to help with this transitions are initiatives, organizations, and workshops promoting the importance and opportunities of computer science.

Continue reading for examples, ideas, and opportunities to bring to your school or community.


Coding Quest
Here in Winnipeg, the Pembina Trails School Division has launched a pilot project called ‘Coding Quest’. The program is based on our provincial curriculum and uses a critical inquiry process as grade 4, 5, and 6 students learn fundamental coding skills and create a video game.
Coding Quest has a flexible curriculum, designed to fit the educator’s preferences and levels of expertise. Throughout the program, teachers are assisted through an in-service workshop and online resources via The Learning Partnership’s eLearning Moodle.
This model allows teachers to keep up with the changing technology needs while incorporating coding and game creation into the curriculum for their students.
More information about ‘Coding Quest’.
Winnipeg Coding Quest Arcade, May 16 – Observe and play with games designed by students!


Canada Learning Code

Canada Learning Code believes that digital skills are tools of empowerment. Through programs, educator training, research, advocacy, and awareness, CLC aims to empower and create creators while giving an equal opportunity to all.
Their programs include Ladies Learning Code, Girls Learning Code, Kids Learning Code, Teens Learning Code, and Teachers Learning Code.
Check out their local event this Saturday, May 12 down below!
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The Code Mobile

The Code Mobile is an initiative from Canada Learning Code and started as a cross-country road trip in 2016. They converted a cargo van into a computer on wheels and in their first trip they reached over 10,000 people! Now, they are a fleet of 13 trucks that travel across Canada all year round! They offer customizable workshops, coding activities, teacher workshops and bring all of the materials (including laptops and bilingual programs in QC, NB, PEI) right to you! Available in large cities and remote communities!
Book a visit here – Danielle and Jodie lead the Winnipeg Code Mobile!
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Tynker: Coding for Kids

Tynker is a coding platform that helps kids understand the basics of coding, create code, explore and experiment, and track their progress. Kids learn as they code, starting at a beginner level and move forward through apps, games, mod Minecraft, flying drones, and learning Python (high-level programming language).
Resources are available in school plans and feature courses, activities, professional development, unlimited student accounts and more.



Girls Learning Code Day 2018: Collaborative Game Production

May 12, 2018, ages 8-13 – event link
This workshop is designed to give a learning experience that is fun, engaging, empowering and inspirational. Through hands-on, collaborative, project-based learning, kids end the workshop having built something – a video game that addresses a social or environmental issue and works towards change.

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Written by: Keana Rellinger

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