EVENT: May 2017 is Fairtrade Month


FM2017May 1-31, 2017 is Fairtrade Month. A month where leaders, businesses, schools and many others come together to celebrate everything Fairtrade!

Fairtrade products vastly improve the working and living conditions of families in the Global South. Based on the principles that farmers and workers deserve better prices, decent working conditions and fair terms of trade, Fairtrade works on supporting the farmer and worker communities. This promotes and encourages more control over their own futures and protection of the environment.

Fairtrade is 50% owned by producers – giving them an equal voice in decision making for overall strategy, use of resources and setting prices, premiums and standards. When you purchase a product with the FAIRTRADE Mark, you have chosen to support a product who’s Fairtrade ingredients meet Fairtrade social, economic and environmental standards.

In a society that depends heavily on global markets, supply and demand, and consumerism you can ensure your dollar is speaking for you. Look for the FAIRTRADE mark on your products, explore what Fairtrade means, and spread the word about ethical consumption.

During Fairtrade month, join others in celebrating everything Fairtrade!
Raise awareness, understand global trade issues, and promote Fairtrade products!

Visit Fairtrade Canada or check out their social media pages on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, or Linkedin for more!

Happy Fair Trade Month!

Producer Cándido Vera Flor.

IDEA: Start a Fashion Revolution

FRD_poster_portrait_blue.jpgIn 2013, the Rana Plaza factory in Bangladesh collapsed, killing over 1000 people and injuring over 2500 more. The workers in the factory were producing clothing that would be sold to us in the North. Brands like H&M, Joe Fresh and Disney showed up in the rubble of the collapse. This devastating event brought attention to unsafe and unfair working conditions that continue to exist in the Global South.

Join the movement to demand safer working conditions, more transparency, safety and respect for workers, and protection of our environment by asking Who made my clothes? on April 24th to put pressure on clothing brands to be accountable for the way they do business. Continue reading

EXAMPLE: Global Fair Trade – Sturgeon Heights Collegiate

sturgeonheightsProject by: Anne Guffei, Madelaine Lapointe and Taryn Lucas

We chose to address the issue of unfair labour and sweatshops because earlier this year a factory in Bangladesh collapsed due to unsafe working conditions and many lives were lost. Continue reading

IDEA: Host an Ethical Fashion Show with this D.I.Y. Kit


MCIC has created an Ethical Fashion Show Kit made up of fashions produced using fair practices including: no child labour, cooperative-made, sweatshop free conditions and clothing that uses organic and fair trade certified materials.

You can showcase this ethically produced clothing at a fashion show in your school or community in Manitoba!

Continue reading