IDEA: Start a Fashion Revolution

FRD_poster_portrait_blue.jpgIn 2013, the Rana Plaza factory in Bangladesh collapsed, killing over 1000 people and injuring over 2500 more. The workers in the factory were producing clothing that would be sold to us in the North. Brands like H&M, Joe Fresh and Disney showed up in the rubble of the collapse. This devastating event brought attention to unsafe and unfair working conditions that continue to exist in the Global South.

Join the movement to demand safer working conditions, more transparency, safety and respect for workers, and protection of our environment by asking Who made my clothes? on April 24th to put pressure on clothing brands to be accountable for the way they do business.

  • Spirit week coming up? Have an Inside Out Day and get everyone in their inside out clothes to take selfies with the #WhoMadeMyClothes and #TakingAction hashtags. Randomly select a winner for a prize of your choice.
  • Host a movie night! Check out The True Cost and inquire about hosting a screening – Serve fair trade coffee, tea and candy treats, and expose your community to the incredible social and environmental hazards caused by the fashion industry.
  • Hold a clothing swap where guests take home items that are new to them without supporting an unethical clothing manufacturing system. Clothing swaps or “swishing” events often feel like a party or social gathering, and can be a great gateway for those that are new to shopping secondhand.
  • Download #FASHREV materials to spread the word and pump up interest in your community.


Check out for more tips and resources, like How to be a Fashion Revolutionary and what your better options are as a fashion lover when you go shopping.

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