IDEA: Host a Day of Pink to Raise Awareness About Bullying

“All Manitobans deserve to feel safe in school, among friends, and in dayofpinktheir communities. The Day of Pink gives us the perfect opportunity to stand up for what is right – the freedom to be ourselves, and the responsibility to respect one another.”

– Greg Selinger, Premier of Manitoba

The International Day of Pink was created to celebrate diversity and to raise awareness about homophobic, transphobic, and all forms of bullying.  According to the Day of Pink website, this is how it all started:

“The International Day of Pink was started in Nova Scotia when 2 straight high school students saw a gay student wearing a pink shirt being bullied. The 2 students intervened, but wanted to do more to prevent homophobic & transphobic bullying. They decided to purchase pink shirts, and a few days later got everyone at school to arrive wearing pink, standing in solidarity… The message was clear: anyone can bully, anyone can be victimized by bullying, but together we can stop it.”

The day of pink takes place on the second Wednesday in April every year.  Organize a day of pink at your school and take a stand against bullying!

For more information, or to become a school ambassador, check out the day of pink website!


Get more information about how to stand up for respect every day with resources on violence, bullying, and abuse prevention from the Red Cross.

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