IDEA: Volunteer in Manitoba!


Volunteer Manitoba is a great resource for youth looking for volunteer opportunities. You can search through the list of opportunities available by organization or volunteer activity to find the right fit for you!

There are many benefits to volunteering! Volunteers can discover new skills, talents and interests, build self-esteem through hands-on experience, gain job skill development: learn team-building, leadership and problem-solving, be a part of the “working world” and see how an organization works from the inside and find possible future employment and professional references. Volunteers help their community by working with others to accomplish change, improving the lives of others in your community and creating a sustainable, healthy community.

The site also has some great resources for finding TAKE ACTION project ideas and gives some advice on how to Start Your Own Initiative on a Community Project!

Steps to Take Action:

1.       Choose who or what your project will be for. Make a list of the issues that are important to you and the pick one from that list

2.       What is your project going to be? Ask yourself what you want to accomplish. Is it a fundraiser? An item drive? Think about your skills and how you will use them to accomplish your project.

3.       Work out the details. When is the best time of year for the project? Where is it going to be held? Do you need any money to get started (budget is key!)? Pick a date and time.

4.       What kind of help do you need and who will you ask? Do you need permission? Will you ask for sponsors?

5.       Be organized and get started!

6.       Complete the project and say thank you! Saying thank you can be the most important part of your project!

They also offer classroom presentations on the benefits of community engagement and how to find the right volunteer opportunity.

For more information contact:

Dawn Bourbonnais, Communications & Outreach Coordinator

P: (204) 477-5180 ext.230

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